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What will we assess in your free appraisal?

Property size

A full assessment of your property (including the size and condition of the property, key selling features, number of bedrooms and bathrooms).


An assessment of your property's location, its proximity to local attractions, nearby amenities and potential buyer appeal.

Market Conditions

An analysis of current market trends and the performance of similar properties that have recently sold in the area.

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Simple steps to organise your free appraisal

Whether it's in-person or virtually via a video call, our local expert agents make it simple to find out your home's worth. 
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  1. Just fill out the form with a few simple details, including your postcode and whether you'd like an in-person or virtual update.
  2. Your local LJ Hooker agent will contact you to organise a meeting at a time that suits you best.
  3. After your meeting, you will be presented with a detailed property report, with a summary of current market conditions and a proposed price guide.

Complete transparency

Why choose us?

Though we pride ourselves on our drive to achieve success for each and every customer, we’re also a company made up of genuine, committed people who know that success is a two-way street.

With more than 400 offices and 4,000 people across 6 countries, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the New Zealand property market. Our team of sales experts are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, which is why we’re considered leaders in our field.

LJ Hooker Pukekohe has you covered in Bombay Hills, Glenbrook, Mauku, Patumahoe, Pokeno, Tuakau, Waiuku and the surrounding areas.

Our transparent and stress free approach

Our aim is to guarantee the highest standard of service to ensure your sales process is as transparent and stress free as possible, and that you receive the best possible price for your property.

Once you've listed your property with us, you can also opt in to use our 'Vendor App', which keeps you up to date with real-time reporting.


Book my free property appraisal

How your free appraisal will work

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Should I sell or buy first?

Should you sell and then buy, or should you buy and then sell? It can be tricky to time a sale and a purchase optimally. However, there are options for overcoming potential timing issues. For example, one common scenario for those downsizing is finding the ideal property before the original home is sold. In this case, you might not have the funds ready to make a quick purchase before another buyer does. In this case, bridging finance could offer the right solution.

Are all the methods of sale still available to sell my property?

There are different methods of selling a house in New Zealand, some of which allow buyers to have more influence on the price based on competition.

If you wish to list your home for sale, you can still access sales by fixed price, by negotiation, by auction or by tender. A seller can, of course, use more than one method of sale, especially if the first attempt doesn’t get the results they’re looking for.

What are the best ways to promote my home for sale in this environment?

Online tools and resources should always be a big part of your marketing campaign. At the moment, digital marketing has become the only way to promote your home for sale.

We can use a number of digital assets for your campaign: virtual tours, emails, videos, floor plans, social media tiles and more. Your local real estate agent will be your best ally to guide you and create the best marketing campaign for your property.

How can I know how much my property is worth?

If you wish to sell your home but are unsure about its current value, the best way to get started is to book an appraisal from your local real estate agent. This will give you a precise indication of how much your property is worth.

Appraisals can now be done virtually by using video communication apps and software such as FaceTime, Zoom or WhatsApp.

Testimonial Slider

Incredible journey

Michael and Kelly - Seller - Tuakau

From the very start Harry was just as excited as we were to enter into the journey of selling our home.

Harry showed a lot of integrity by doing what he said he would do, and in a warm and bubbly way. Harry showed so much energy too, and it was infectious - we didn’t doubt that he would sell our home for us, and he didn’t disappoint. We chose to sell our house under auction, and while we were a bit anxious about it, the support Harry and the rest of the team he works with showed us on the night was wonderful.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Harry to anyone to sell their home, he is compassionate, honest and a whole lot of fun to work with.

Michael and Kelly - Seller - Tuakau

Very knowledgeable and helpful

Janice and Robin - Buyer - Pokeno

Vicky was very knowledgeable about the property she was selling and went out of her way to find answers for anything she didn’t know. The whole process was explained to us very clearly and was only too pleased to come back to us if there was any questions that we needed answers to. We found Vicky really friendly and were very lucky to have her helping us through the process.

Janice and Robin - Buyer - Pokeno

Honest and knowledgeable

John - Buyer - Patumahoe

Gary was very knowledgeable about the property market area we purchased in.

He had good honest opinions. It was a pleasure working with him. At no time did I feel I wasn't getting correct information. He's not pushy or opinionated. Just gave honest feedback regarding the property. He was very professional when we spoke. And when it came time to negotiate he didn't was time, the purchase was sorted in two days. He helped me with contractual details I wasn't very knowledgeable about. He made it look easy for me. He gets five thumbs up from me. I'd work with him again in a tic.

All the best Gary and thanks again for securing my lovely house in Patumahoe.

John - Buyer - Patumahoe

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