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Pointers for getting ready to buy a house

May 2022


We may often ask ourselves when is the best time to buy a house? There are many signs that can indicate a person’s readiness to purchase a home, but there are also others who might suggest the time is not right.

A property is a large investment, and when you make that commitment, you want to ensure it is a financially sound decision. To achieve this, you need to be open and honest. By taking the time to look at the key indicators, you will be well placed to determine the right outcome for you.

This article will help explain what should stop you from considering a purchase at this time, but also what you should look for to show you are ready to buy.

The signs that you are not ready to buy

While you may be eager to move into your own home, you should consider all the external signals that may indicate you are not ready to buy just yet. The existence of these signs might be disheartening, however, they can save you from making a massive financial commitment at a time that is not right.

Sign one: You have a low credit score

Borrowing money has become easy, and purchasing new items on high purchase has become very common. Depending on whether you keep up with the payments, it could impact your credit score, and a low credit score could show you are not ready to buy a home just yet. This is because people with a high credit score will receive a better interest rate on their mortgage and lower monthly payments.

Sign two: You do not have enough cash for the deposit

When it comes to putting down money for the deposit, ideally, you should be able to afford 20 percent. Anything lower will require you to pay for private mortgage insurance, which increases your monthly payments.

Sign three: You have only considered the sticker price

The process of buying a home can be quite costly. Suppose you have not considered and saved for extra associated costs such as rates, insurance, utilities, renovations, maintenance, and even moving costs. In that case, you are not ready to buy a home just yet.

Sign four: Be a realist about your financial goals and ensure you can meet them all

If committing to buying a property and entering into a mortgage means that financial goals in other areas of your life suffer, it may not be the best decision. It is important to consider potential future factors. For example, do you plan on making any other large financial decisions in the year? Is there a chance you will have to move away in the long-term, for work, for example? These are essential questions to be asking yourself when you are looking to determine if you are ready to purchase a property.

When are you ready to buy?

When asking yourself ‘am I financially ready to buy a house?’, look for the following signs that indicate your financial security, market awareness, and stability.

You are realistic

A lot of people dream big and set their hopes too high. This might mean that they look for homes well above their budget, which would result in a higher mortgage and less manageable repayments. If you are aware of your financial limitations, do your property search accordingly. You better position yourself to cope with the mortgage repayments and will reap the benefits of a carefully planned budget.

Understand the market

The market goes through periods of fluctuation. For example, at any given time, it may be a seller’s market or a buyer’s market. Having an understanding of the current market and local house prices will help you make a financially sound decision.

You can gain a thorough understanding of the market by talking to real estate agents and property managers. They can guide you through the process and the pros and cons of buying at certain times, in certain areas.

You can afford the upfront costs of buying

There are many costs associated with buying real estate. There are initial costs such as your solicitor’s fees, and getting a building report. Then there are recurring costs like council rates. Do not forget that extra costs like moving fees and utility connections also need to be considered.

The extra costs of buying a home are often overlooked. That’s why, if you have considered these costs and have saved enough to cover them, you can likely afford the costs of homeownership.

You have a secure and stable income

A secure and stable job means that you can afford to make monthly mortgage repayments. Without regular income, you might be unable to maintain and keep on top of loan repayments, as well as daily expenses, which can add up fast in the wake of a large financial decision. Therefore, having a steady stream of predictable income is a key indicator that you are financially ready and equipped to buy a home and commit to regular mortgage repayments.

Start your home buying journey with LJ Hooker

Buying a home is one of their most important decisions in life. However, such an important decision comes with great financial and personal responsibility. That’s why it’s not uncommon for people to take a step back and consider if they are really ready to buy a home.

Luckily, such a stressful process can be made easier. When determining if it’s the right time to buy property, there are some key signs. These signs indicate that you are ready and, in some cases, that you are not.

For those who are ready to take the next step, LJ Hooker can provide invaluable expertise and market knowledge to help you find the home of your dreams. Contact LJ Hooker and connect with an agent today to start your home buying journey.


Designing the perfect nursery for your newborn

April 2022


When you have a newborn on the way, there is a lot to plan for. It is an exciting time as your family is about to grow. If planning what your child is going to wear is not exciting enough, you also have a whole room to decorate.

Setting up a beautiful nursery is a highlight during a pregnancy, even if it means assembling flat-pack furniture.

With so many products on the market, it can be easy to go overboard with decorating ideas. Before you get overwhelmed with wallpaper samples, it is important to remember you and your baby’s needs. You want to create a space that is cosy, functional and within budget.

When is the right time to set up a nursery?

Pregnancy can feel like a long time, especially in those last few weeks, but you will be cradling your precious new arrival before you know it.

While it is tempting to leave designing the nursery until maternity leave, chances are you will be too exhausted to be doing anything. Energy levels are typically at their best during the second trimester, between 13 and 26 weeks, making it the ideal time to get started. If you have opted to find out early if it is a boy or girl, this might also influence your design choice.

Set a deadline to complete the nursery no later than the 36-week mark. Babies are not known for always sticking to their due date, even those with very organised parents. It pays to be prepared.

What will it cost to set up a nursery?

Parental guilt starts even before your baby arrives, but don't feel pressured to buy the latest and greatest gadgets for your nursery.

When it comes to nursery furniture, everyday essentials such as a cot, car seat, and pram can be expensive. BNZ estimates, on a medium budget, it will cost around $304 per week, or $15,834 per year, to raise a child.

Be sure not to spend on unnecessary items that will end up in the cupboard. Instead, start your research by asking friends with children about what they consider to be must-haves for a nursery. They may even offer to lend you an item, such as a bassinet or car capsule, which you will only use for the first few months.

You should search on second-hand websites, such as Facebook Marketplace or TradeMe. However, safety is paramount for your newborn, so you should always check your items meet guidelines recommended by groups such as Safe Kid Aotearoa, Plunket and Consumer NZ.

You could also consider hiring equipment, as it is unlikely you will need it for a long period of time.

To keep track of costs, and make sure you are keeping within your budget, track these on a spreadsheet so that know where you stand.

Turning a small room into a nursery

Babies are small, and they do not need large rooms to thrive. If you are tight on space, but big on love, they will not notice.

Most parents will want their newborn close by during those first few chaotic weeks while settling into a routine. Set aside a corner of your own bedroom as a 'mini-nursery' with just the essentials such as a bassinet.

Small bedrooms are great for children of all ages, especially new arrivals. Decorating your nursery in soft pastels or neutral colours can give a room an airy feel. Vertical patterned wallpaper is another styling trick for creating the illusion of space.

Use clever storage to keep the room functional. For example, babies do not need long hanging space for their clothes, so adding another rack inside a wardrobe or additional drawers may be better. And be sure to utilise any empty space such as under the change table or cot.

Nursery styling tips

Now the real fun begins. Styling is one of the best parts of designing a nursery. It is when you can really add your personal touch by picking some nursery decor and accessories: bed linen, artwork, lighting and more. The aim is to create a sleep sanctuary that is both serene and a safe space, so go for colours and patterns that are inviting and calming.

A host of inspiration can be found online for some nursery ideas. First, start by picking the look and theme you want for the nursery. A mix of textures will add to the warmth of the space. Night lights and dimmers are also perfect for creating a sleepy ambience to the room.

We do not like staring at blank walls and nor do babies, so be sure to include prints in your design. You could create a feature wall or use wall stickers. And do not forget floor coverings. Creaky floorboards can play havoc when trying to creep out of a room without waking the baby.

To sum up, here are our best tips to design a nursery you will love:

  • Select a colour palette
  • Choose a look, such as scandi, traditional, vintage, minimalist, boho
  • Pick a theme to match, like botanicals, animals, celestial
  • Choose furniture and bedding to compliment your look
  • Select some soft furnishing to add texture
  • Include artwork, as no one likes a sterile space
  • Do not forget mum and dad and add a comfortable chair for feeding
  • Ensure everything is within easy reach

There you have it, the perfect nursery!

It is now ready and waiting to welcome your little one home.



Top tips for adding equity to your home.

March 2022


Your home is your castle, but when it comes time to sell you will want to walk away with the best price you can get. It may be worth considering what work you can do to boost the resale value of your home.

Your mind might be instantly going towards those big ticket items, and you might be asking yourself where can I add another bedroom? Is there room for a pool or a granny flat? Or do I need to install a new or larger garage?

This may be tempting, but it is important to remember that not every home renovation is going to benefit you when the time comes to sell. You need to focus on changes to your home that suit the lifestyle of the neighbourhood.

Where do I start?

If you are still unsure about where to start, getting some expert advice will set you off in the right direction. We are not talking about getting an architect in to decide which walls should stay or go and sketch the plans for a new designer kitchen, we are talking about a professional such as a real estate agent or an interior designer. These two experts will be able to give you advice as to what they believe would add value to your home.

The benefit of asking a real estate agent is, they live and breathe property in your local area, so they are in-tune with what buyers are looking for in a new home. They will be able to give you advice as to where you can start. And if you take this opportunity to get a free property appraisal, you will know approximately what your home is worth in the current market.

Draw attention to standout features

Does your home have a beautiful view? This is an example of a feature you can make standout. You can enhance that view by installing larger windows, or changing the window treatment so it is easier to see out. If you don’t have a view, can you create one with smart landscaping?

If you have a swimming pool, make sure the lighting is good to help make it a feature. Does the fence around your property look ugly? Transform it with paint and by adding vertical planter boxes. If your living area does not flow into your garden, bring some nature inside and introduce indoor planter boxes, potted or hanging plants.

Work on your garden early on

Well established gardens are very popular. Manicured hedged and mature trees casting shade over your lawn are not goals you can achieve overnight, it takes time – in fact, years. This is why it is a good idea to invest in your garden as soon as you move in, and you will also get to enjoy your efforts while it is your home.

Modernise your kitchen

The kitchen is a room that can make or break a sale, but it is also the room you can spend a lot of money upgrading and not necessarily get the best return. Your dream kitchen may not be what a prospective buyer wants, so there is no need to get a total upgrade. Focus on smaller things, such as door handles or cupboard doors to make your kitchen more appealing.

Other things you could do are:

  • Update appliances
  • Fresh coat of paint
  • Lift the lighting with fluorescents or spotlights above benchtops and potentially a pendant light for some visual interest.
  • Replace old benchtops
  • Re-tile or fix the floorboards
  • Ensure you have good storage and have maximised your bench space

Amplify the bathroom

Who does not like a beautiful bathroom? Buyers want to see a bathroom where they can relax and pamper themselves. This is a room where it is okay to spend some money to make the most of what you have.

If you have cracks in your basin, toilets or tubs, you may want to replace them.

To inject new life, consider replacing your vanity or mirror and add new lighting fixtures to make a good impression on your buyers.

If your bathroom is small, consider wall-mounted sinks and toilets to help maximise space. Put that towel rail behind the door and hang a big mirror to make the room appear twice the size.

Once you have added a fresh coat of paint on the walls, your bathroom will look brand new.

Make sure your property flows

Your home needs to make sense, and it needs to naturally flow from space to space. Spending time getting this right can add significant dollars to your property value.

A few things you may want to consider are:

  • Where is the kitchen located and does it flow easily into the eating / living area?
  • Do you have an outside eating  / sitting area where you can entertain friends in summer or simply relax with a good book? This is an extra room in the eyes of a buyer.
  • Is there a smooth indoor / outdoor flow.

 Another thing to consider when improving the ‘flow’ of your property is ventilation. Cross breezes in summer can be life saving when it is hot. By adding shutters, louvres or large windows, you can help bring that fresh air in.

Is there room for a granny flat?

If you have plenty of space, a granny flat could be a drawcard for buyers for many reasons. Families love granny flats because they can be a play area for the kids to hang out, somewhere for the in-laws to stay, or a home office.

Buyers who have an eye for an investment opportunity might see it as an opportunity to be able to lease it out as an external flat to help with the mortgage repayments.

Don’t underestimate a fresh coat of paint

Paint can be the answer to transform your home from a shell that harps back to the 70s or 80s, and transport it into the 21st century. If facades are looking a bit tired, repaint them, even if it is brick. This will help create a good first impression and set the tone for the rest of the property.

Take that paintbrush inside, probably with a different can of paint, and consider re-painting the walls. This will have a positive effect on buyers as it instantly refreshes the entire home. It is hard to go wrong with fresh, crisp paint jobs in modern, neutral colours.

Where you can, add more storage

Storage is always in demand. Whether it be in bedrooms, family rooms, hallways, garages, people are always searching for more space. Adding cupboards is a great way to make your home much more appealing.

Showcase your outdoor space

New Zealanders love spending time outside. If done right, your outdoor space can become another room to your home, and buyers love this.

When planning your outdoor space and how to make it an entertainer’s delight or somewhere you can rest and relax, envisage how it could be used. If you have a large space, add a large dining area, with a BBQ and a cooking area.

If you are limited on space, having comfortable seating with shade could be your best option. If you have a balcony, adding a table set, even if it is small, will be appealing to buyers. They will be able to visualise themselves enjoying their morning coffee in the sun.


Style your living room with wall art.

February 2022


Family photos, abstract images, landscapes and animals are all regular features on walls across New Zealand. No one likes a bare wall, but at the same time you want to strike a balance to make sure you have wall art that adds personality and interest to your spaces.

Wherever you look around your home, you are bound to have space on the walls, whether it be above a couch, in the dining room or above the TV, I’m sure it is not hard to find a wall that could do with a bit more character.

Before you hammer in a nail to hang a picture you found in the back of your wardrobe, consider how you use that space. Do you entertain guests regularly? Is it an area the family hang out in? Do you need it to inspire creativity or offer a more relaxed vibe? Ideally, what you want to hang from the nail should reflect the mood you want to convey.

Here are a few ideas to consider bringing inspiration to your wall art search.

Uniting colour and abstract,
When you have no idea what to hang on the wall, turning to abstract designs is a fool proof answer. Abstract paintings suit all spaces and everyone tends to interpret them different – so it’s a real people pleaser.

All you need to know is what colour you want to add to your room. Whether you match it with the curtains, the cushions you have on the sofa or fit it in with the theme of your house, it is hard to pick the wrong abstract wall art.

If your home has a natural theme, consider earthy colours. But if you are lucky to be near the coast, try incorporating blue and green tones.

3D illustration,
From black and white, to a spectrum of colours, 3D graphics are high-impact features, perfect for a living room wall. The shapes can be squared, flowing curves or a mixture of both – what it will be is eye catching and an instant feature in any room.

Portraits add personality,
A portrait or two in your living room is the easiest and best way to add more personality that genuinely reflects you and your family. There are many ways to elevate the traditional phone snaps to help make that screensaver photo a work of art:

  • You can blow the photo up on a massive canvas in black and white.
  • Turn to photo editing tools such as Lightroom or Canva to add effects that transform standard photos into works of art.

Line up mini prints,
Wall art doesn’t have to be big and striking, you can make the small effective too.

You can find several smaller prints and line them up side- by-side to create a rectangle. Get a few photos printed on small canvases you can line up, or buy several photo frames to neatly position side-by-side. Make sure there is a theme with all your photos, and line them up on your wall.

Who said photos have to be square?
Just because photo frames, canvases and a lot of art are squared, does not mean you have to settle for traditional shapes – you can try something different and unique.


Top tips to consider when upsizing your home.

January 2022

There are many things you may be considering as you start your search for a larger home. You might have started to feel you have outgrown your current home. There could be plans to expand your family, or you might just want more room so you can have friends and family come to stay.

In your search for a larger space, you might be after more floor area, a larger backyard, or a multi-storey home. However, the main benefits from any upsizing option are more space and comfort.

There are other benefits from upsizing, including a larger home generally holds more value than smaller properties. This means they are a good long-term asset to invest in.

Whatever your circumstances, here are a few tips to consider when upsizing.

 What to consider in a larger home,

For any property you buy, knowing what you want or need in a new home will make the decision process easier.

Before you start your property search, sit down with your partner or family and discuss why you are upsizing.

These reasons could include:

  • To have more bedrooms to accommodate existing family or additional children
  • To accommodate an elderly relative
  • For work-from-home opportunities
  • As an investment property or hopes of potential financial return
  • More section space for the kids/pets

Once you have considered your reason, and you think upsizing is the right choice for you, then it is the right time to factor in how much space you really need. It could be worth considering whether making alterations or adding an extension to your current home is an option.

For example, if your home is feeling a little tight due to older teenagers inviting friends over, it is possible they will move out in the next few years, then will you still need extra space?

Should I buy or sell first?

If you have been browsing online, and visiting a few open homes, there is a chance your heart has already picked your new dream home. While it may tick all of the boxes, and you might be tempted to buy this home before you sell your current place, take a deep breath and consider your options.

Typically, it is better to sell your home before buying a new one. By doing so, you will have the funds ready and will know what your budget is. You will also be able to make a larger down payment on your mortgage and avoid having to juggle two mortgages or bridging finance.

If you do sell first, you may need to find temporary housing until you can move into your new home.

If you absolutely must buy before you sell, it is a good idea to meet with a real estate agent and get an appraisal to estimate how much your current home is worth and to get more detailed information on your local market.

Preparing your home to sell,

To get your home in the best shape to sell, you need to style it so that it is buyer-ready.

Preparing your home to sell includes decluttering, removing personal possessions and having all interiors professionally cleaned. This is the time you must tackle those lingering repair jobs and make any necessary home upgrades to put your property in the best position to sell.

Styling your property will also help you achieve a higher selling price and attract more buyers. However, if you are not in a position to hire an expert to style your home and get in the right staged furniture, here are some upgrades you can do:

  • Add a fence or repair your existing one
  • Increase curb appeal with landscaped front gardens
  • Make your house number clearly visible
  • Clean windows, gutters and roof
  • Water blast the driveway
  • Add outdoor lighting
  • Freshen up interior paint
  • Get rid of clutter
  • Replace old tap and light fittings
  • Steam clean carpet, polish floors

Make sure you can manage the upkeep,

A bigger home is great for storage, more space to entertain and for the kids to play, but with that comes more and new responsibilities.

One of the most obvious tasks that comes with a bigger house is cleaning.

Since you have more space, you will have to allocate more time for doing housework. The same for the section, you may have to dedicate more time for gardening, lawn mowing and regular maintenance.

Before you make any decisions, think about whether you will be happy with the extra responsibilities, whether you can afford extra help in the way of professional cleaning/landscaping services, or if going bigger might be more than you bargained for.

Settling on your dream home

Making a big decision, such as upsizing, it not something you want to rush. You should take your time and make the call when the time is right.

Start compiling a list of all your must-haves. This could include the number of bedrooms you need, through to the size of your section and the floorplan. With this list of required features, you will be able to narrow down your search. You should also check this against other requirements you have, such as location and price point.

If you have committed to upsizing, you want a home you can grow into and that will accommodate your family or life circumstances. You need to think long- term, consider potential growth of your family and the need for extra bedrooms or space for a granny flat.

You should also consider whether this will be your ‘forever home’, or just the next step along your property journey.


All you need to know to prepare for a summer sale.

December 2021


Everything is at its best in summer – the temperatures are up, the sun is out and your garden is flourishing.

All of these factors coming together make your property look its best, and buyers are more willing to head out and view open homes when the weather is on their side.

While you will want to slip on your jandals and head to the beach, if you are listing your home this summer here are some tips to keep in mind to wow potential buyers.

Style for the season

Everything is full of life this season, and your home should be too. Inside you want to introduce light and bright summer colours. Hide any heavy curtains, rugs or cushions in darker colours, because they detract from the season when you want your home to look light, bright and airy.

Pull out the fresh fragrant diffusers and fill your home with floral scents to bring the smell of your garden indoors to suit the weather. The smell of gardenias dancing beneath your nose can create a positive impact and can bring back happy memories.

Now your indoors match the season, it’s time to reflect that outside.

Outdoor living

Who wants to be stuck inside on a gorgeous summer day? No one, right. Which is why outdoor living spaces need to be inviting and comfortable.

Adding plants that add colour, aroma and life to your garden is one part, but having outdoor furniture and a BBQ area is going to create a whole new living space. Without realising it, buyers will start to image the gatherings they can have there and how they can share that space with guests for entertaining, or just relaxing on a summer’s day.

It goes without saying, but we will remind you anyway, make sure your lawns are mown, weeds are pulled, and give your house a water blast to remove dust and grime, and maybe give the exterior a fresh coat of paint to freshen it up.

Same for the windows, give them a good clean, make sure they are crystal clear so buyers can get excited about the amount of natural light filling the living room or master suite.

Complete any maintenance

Although the buyers may be attracted to the beautiful outdoors and your bright and natural-light-filled living spaces, the serious buyers will notice any repairs that need to be addressed. If there are little things at home bugging you, it is likely they will bug someone else, so this is the perfect time to fix them.

Serious buyers will be looking for reasons to negotiate a price decrease, so you want to minimise all those red lights. It’s also a good idea to get all of your pipes checked to make sure there are no leaks, repair any cracked tiles and fix that peeling wallpaper in your bedroom.

Embrace the cool

The weather outside maybe toasty, but we all like to retreat to a cool, airconditioned area when it’s hot and that breeze is not cutting it. When it is open home time, keep your air conditioning running at a cool, but comfortable temperature. If you do not have air conditioning, get a nice breeze flowing through the house to show buyer how you can keep your home cool while its hot outside.

Summer is a great time to sell your home because it shows off your property at its very best.



What you need to know about online property auctions.

November 2021


Recent restrictions meant we had to stay home and could not host open homes or auctions. To be able to continue to help people buy and sell properties, the real estate industry had to embrace digital alternatives, and online auctions were one of these.

Online property auctions have been with us since before COVID-19 was known around the world. But it has since become a newfound necessity for this method of sale, which allows home buyers to receive a new level of convenience and ease when bidding for their dream property. The team of real estate experts at LJ Hooker Pukekohe knows best. Not only is the Top Agency in Auckland, Dylan and Renee Turner have a fantastic hold on online property auction coupled with their years of industry experience.

Auctions have been very popular in the market in recent times, and having the option of an online auction means sellers and buyers do not need to miss out when circumstances change.

With COVID alert level changes, this may mean in-person auctions cannot take place. If an auction is postponed or delayed, it could mean sellers have to wait several weeks before the chance to have an in-person auction. LJ Hooker Pukekohe has a team set up to work virtually with you when it comes to live auctions. No stone is left unturned.

How do virtual auctions work?

Online property auctions work in much the same way as in-person auctions, except you can be wherever you want via the internet.

This gives you the comfort of being able to bid from your own home or anywhere you have access to a mobile device. Dylan Turner and his team at LJ Hooker Pukekohe will give you all the access and information, so you are comfortable prior to the virtual auction.

As the seller, you get the ability to watch a live stream of the auction which allows you to follow the bidding in real-time. Every step of the way you will know exactly what is happening.

Registering to take part in an online auction

The process to register for an online auction can vary depending on the auctioneer and the platform their organisation uses. No matter the situation, if you want to try and buy a property through an online auction you need to register ahead of time. Dylan and Renee Turner from LJ Hooker Pukekohe will assist you with the registration process from the get-go. 

A potential buyer should contact the listing agent, who will take them through the registration process. The real estate agent should encourage buyers to register early so they can become familiar with the paperwork and the process required. The experts at LJ Hooker Pukekohe have all the information that is required. Being the Top Agency in Auckland, LJ Hooker Pukekohe prioritises this step for all buyers.

During Level 3 and 4 COVID-19 restrictions, potential buyers must register via the Telephone Bidding authority, and during this process they will have to provide:

Full legal name
Phone number
Copy of photo ID
Solicitor details
Any variation to auction terms as agreed to by the sellers.

Once you are a registered bidder you will have a dedicated salesperson you will be talking to. That salesperson will communicate with the auctioneer and place your bids on your behalf. At LJ Hooker Pukekohe, Dylan Turner has a team of experienced real estate professionals bidding on your behalf at the auctions.

Advantages of virtual property auctions

Online auctions offer great benefits that will guarantee a quality bidding audience.

Because buyers are bidding from the comfort of their own lounge room, the pressure is usually reduced. It becomes easier for them to stay level-headed and make better decisions. At the same time, they can also consult with advisers who might not have been able to attend the on-site auction. This will help attract serious, qualified buyers.

In some cases, virtual auctions can also encourage more activity due to a fear of missing out. As bidders cannot see and gauge the other buyers, they might be tempted to bid more to try and get ahead of the competition. This may help achieve a higher sale price for your property. LJ Hooker Pukekohe is a local, experienced and is a trusted brand in Auckland.



What are the most critical renovations I should make to increase the value of my home?

October 2021


Take a drive to the peak of Pukekohe Hill for a panoramic view of the Franklin District when visiting Pukekohe. Views north to the Manukau Harbour and Auckland abound from this vantage point, while views south to Tuakau and the magnificent Waikato River wind their way to the Tasman Sea.

Pukekohe offers accommodation, parks, beaches, restaurants, shopping, and the motorway is a few minutes drive away. It’s only 30 minutes to Auckland International Airport and 45 minutes to the city centre of Auckland.

Everyone has an idea of how to get the best results when it comes to increasing the value of their home.

Regardless of whatever areas you choose to focus on, the essential thing is to memorise in keeping your renovation spend in proportion to the value of your property. If prices are modest in your neighbourhood, for instance, there's no point in installing a new state-of-the-art kitchen or a fancy outdoor fireplace.

Employing the right real estate firm and seeking their counsel is the best course of action.

LJ Hooker Pukekohe is the subject of our discussion. Dylan and Renee Turner recognise that you are the most significant component when selling, buying and managing a property! LJ Hooker Pukekohe’s team not only live and work locally, but they will also know exactly what the neighbourhood is looking for and the best way to enhance your property value.

Top 10 renovation recommendation:

1. Think about your curb appeal

The term "street appeal" is well-known, and there's little doubt that a home's first image from the outside may have a significant impact on its saleability. To make the house look fresher, brighter, and more spacious, start by pruning overgrown trees and replacing worn plants (including the grass).

Resurfacing a damaged driveway, repaving and widening an ancient walkway, adding an off-street parking area, or building a more prominent front porch might all be done for a little more money. Is it necessary to repaint or replace the front fence? It is worth consulting with your local legends in the industry to provide you with the right advice and choices.

You can consult the specialists at LJ Hooker Pukekohe for some suggestions. You know you can trust this company when Dylan and Renee Turner are involved. They have devoted their time to their profession and will go to great lengths to meet your needs.

2. Renovate the Kitchen

The kitchen is essential and upgrading its appearance can significantly increase the value of your property. It might be more cost-effective to replace the benchtop, handles, taps, and splashbacks. Adding a small, cost-effective fixture can also increase the value, such as adding a gas stove or updating appliances. However, consider twice before rebuilding anything because the subsequent owners may wish to personalise the kitchen.

Include a water filter, built-in rubbish bins, and a striking pendant or industrial-style lighting fixture. Consider repainting existing units in colours that complement one other, as many contemporary kitchens have cabinets in two or three different colours.

3. Upgrade the Bathroom

A second bathroom or toilet is almost mandatory these days. So clever renovators should have no trouble finding space for them. Most buyers expect, at the very least, the addition of a second toilet. However, don't think you have to spend a fortune on pricey fixtures; there are many options for people on a tight budget. Perhaps adding a second toilet to your large laundry room will not only show the use of smart space it will also add value to the entire home.

Most buyers today want a clean and updated modern bathroom when they move into their home. Therefore, it's key to up your game in this area. Add a new splash of natural paint or tiles around the walls, a new vanity mirror and updated shower heads and taps, cleaning the grouts and adding a couple of plants and décor to freshen up the look and feel of the bathroom will definitely catch the buyer’s eye! LJ Hooker Pukekohe has all the expertise up their sleeves when it comes to cost-effective bathroom reno.

4. Maximise Storage

Extra storage is a significant priority for many homeowners. Remember that shelves and cupboards don't necessarily have to be on the floor; is there room higher up for a set of bookshelves or a group of cabinets? Maximise your options here and get creative!

5. Choose the right Flooring

Majority of real estate agents would encourage you to invest in flooring. If new flooring is out of the question, consider refinishing and sealing existing hardwood floors, as well as having carpets cleaned. It's pointless to maintain old vinyl and linoleum unless it looks good and is in good working order. If you can't afford new flooring and merely have particleboard underfoot or a stained area on the carpet, cover it with appealing rugs. Dylan and his team will provide you with options that will help you cost-effectively when choosing suitable options. Second-hand A-grade flooring or carpets could turn as a cost-effective way.

6.Don’t Forget Outside

An oversized deck or patio connecting internal living spaces to the backyard will always add value to a home. It is even more beneficial to construct an above structure to protect from the sun and rain. Built-in seating that also serves as storage is ideal, as are appealing screens that provide privacy from neighbours, block the wind, and conceal service facilities (bins, laundry line). If adding a deck extension is out of the budget, Dylan and his team can assist you with ideas on decorating your outdoor space and perhaps even link you up with local DIY stores to get a cost-effective option. Having the right plants, outdoor seating and the all Kiwi favourite – a good looking BBQ will up your price. Pukekohe is surrounded by amazing beaches and is very outdoor friendly; providing an up-to-date outdoor entertainment area is a big plus point when selling your home.

7. Home Maintenance

A sparkling kitchen will not divert attention from rusted gutters, leaking windows, or a dripping faucet. The most saleable homes are those that show signs of regular maintenance. You may not notice the ding in the wall, but prospective buyers will, and it may lead them to worry about what else is wrong with the house.

Minor repairs are frequently inexpensive, but lubricating doors and windows or replacing a missing tile can significantly impact. Another piece of advice you'll get from the LJ Hooker Pukekohe agents is to keep your home in good shape. It is critical to maintain the condition of your home. As a result, it must be the safest place on the planet.

8. Create Space

Spacious homes are constantly in demand, and in smaller houses and apartments, removing just one non-structural wall might be all it takes to create a more open feel. But first, get a quote from a builder because moving load-bearing walls isn't cheap, and you'll almost certainly need a building permit.

If your kitchen has lots of storage, consider removing an island unit or replacing it with a mobile island to connect the room to other living areas better. If you want to add another bedroom, look at existing house elements (such as another bedroom, wardrobes, the hot water cupboard, the laundry, or the hallway) to see if you can take some space from them without shifting structural walls. Creating a home office or study nook in a corner or alcove in the living room or kitchen may also be possible.

9. Choose the Proper Lighting

Light has a significant impact on a property's appeal. If your home is dark, adding windows and skylights is a wise investment, despite the cost. Similarly, if there are good vistas, the cost of moving a window to maximise those views may be worth it.

Many homeowners opt for tubular skylights, which feed natural light down from a hole in the roof rather than skylights. Adding dimmers to artificial light can improve the ambience of your home, while statement lights in the living rooms will instantly update it. There are also many low-cost LED lighting solutions to choose from when it comes to updating your lighting. Another cost-saving element in bringing light into a dark room is changing the colour pallet of the walls to a soft white and changing curtains and blinds for a softer breezier look.

10. Be Energy-Wise

With growing energy prices, improving a home's energy efficiency rating will impress potential purchasers from both an economic and environmental standpoint.

Consider adding a heat pump and installing insulation in walls, floors, and ceilings. Retrofitting windows with double glazing may be an excellent alternative if you live on a noisy street and are great for the winter months.


You have a variety of home improvement projects to choose from that will increase the value of your home. Remember that the goal is to increase the value of your home; for every $1 you spend, you should earn at least $2, preferably $3 in return.

When upgrading the bathroom and kitchen, be careful not to overspend and remember that first impressions matter. Sometimes people don't need luxury, but a safe and comfortable house to live in. A place to call home!


LJ Hooker Pukekohe - Home Seller Advice: A blog about the best ways to sell your house

September 2021


If you're ready to sell your property, you may have a compelling reason to do so quickly, such as a new job starting soon in another city. How do you get people to come to your house? After all, the more potential buyers you can attract, the more likely you will sell for a reasonable price.

Whatever your reasons for selling, here are six ways to sell a house quickly:

Hire an agent who knows the market

The internet makes it easier to research real estate agent's sales history and professional credentials, allowing you to select the best person for the job.

Look up real estate agents' web profiles to find out how long they've been in the business, how many transactions they've completed, and any designations they may have. Pay attention to how and where they advertise their listings and whether they utilize professional images.

Pukekohe's LJ Hooker has the best team ever. Their agents are Area Specialists who are experts in their fields; they specialize in a single area and use their superior local expertise to secure the greatest price for our vendors at the best moment.

They are a dedicated, well-trained crew that has received numerous top national accolades at the LJ Hooker’s 91 offices throughout the years. They are also proud of their customer service and ethics.

We don't tolerate mediocrity in service, presentation, or process, and we don't keep agents who don't routinely meet high standards, so you know when you're dealing with one of ours.

The LJ Hooker team concentrates their efforts, undergoes extensive training, perfects their systems, and maintains a high level of desire. It is effective for New Zealand's successful sports teams, and it is also effective for them. They aim to go above and beyond for their customers.

Price It to Sell

Pricing your home competitively is one of the most efficient strategies to sell it quickly. If you overprice your home, it will spend more time on the market. Also, if your home is expensive, you may finally be able to sell it for less—it will simply take a lot longer.

Your LJ Hooker Pukekohe agent will investigate comparable houses (often known as "comps") in your region to determine a reasonable price. If you want to sell your property quickly, consider lowering the price to attract more interest. Reduce the price if you haven't gotten any offers by a specified date.

It's also a good idea to consider the pricing points that buyers in your area are looking for. If you advertise your property for $302,000, you'll miss out on all of the possible buyers seeking homes under $300,000. If asking for an extra $2,000 means fewer purchasers will see the house, it's probably not worth it.

Clean, Declutter, and Depersonalize

Buyers must be able to envision themselves in the area, something they would be unable to do if your home is in disarray. Cleaning your home from top to bottom, getting rid of clutter, and hiding family portraits and other personal belongings are all good ideas.

Rearrange the furnishings while you're at it so that your home looks inviting and buyers can wander about without bumping into anything. Put big goods in storage if necessary. A crowded room appears to be small.

Consider hiring a stager to help you highlight your home's best features, impress potential buyers, and sell it as quickly as possible for the best price.

Get professional photos

Schedule a photo session with your LJ Hooker Pukekohe agent to obtain marketing photos of your home. Because boosting your home's internet appeal might mean the difference between a quick sale and a listing that languishes, high-quality images are essential.

Professional photography and virtual web tours are included in the services of some LJ Hooker Pukekohe agents. If they don't, you'll have to look for a photographer on your own.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

It's critical to establish a good, solid impression if you want to sell rapidly. The façade of a property and how it fits into the surrounding community are the first things a buyer notices. To improve the curb appeal of your home, do the following:

  • The front door should be painted.
  • Flowers should be planted.
  • Remove spiderwebs and debris off windows, eaves, and porches with a broom.
  • Clean the windows.
  • Fix light fixtures and mailboxes that are broken.
  • Make sure the trees, shrubs, and lawn are well-kept.

Remember that a clean exterior not only looks lovely but it also shows potential buyers that you've taken good care of the property.

Take Care of Quick Repairs

You won't have time for substantial improvements, so concentrate on fast fixes to solve any issues that might turn off potential buyers. Take a look around the house and take care of the minor issues:

  • Replace any tiles that have come loose.
  • Fix any leaky faucets.
  • Retouching the paint.
  • Doorknobs and handles should be tightened.
  • Stains on the carpet should be removed.

You May Sweeten the Deal

Offering something to sweeten the sale is another method to make the house and agreement more appealing. For example, you could offer to cover some or all of the closing costs. Buyers seek a bargain, especially in a down market, so do everything you can to make them feel like they're getting one.

Another suggestion is a transferable home warranty, which provides subsidized repair and replacement services for household equipment and systems. A potential buyer may feel more at rest knowing that the home is safe, making your home more appealing than a competitor's.


Selling a property may be stressful, especially if you're working on a tight timeline. There are ways to speed up the process, whether you need to sell quickly due to a new job, a life event (such as a divorce), or financial reasons.

Concentrate on the first impression if you can't spend a lot of money on getting your house ready to sell. A buyer's decision can be made in a handful of seconds—a few seconds from the curb and a few seconds from the front door. Make the most of your time with a tidy yard, a spotless house, and a fresh coat of paint if you can afford it.

If you want to succeed in all of this with minimal stress, all you have to do is contact LJ Hooker Pukekohe agents, who will assist you and take care of everything.



LJ Hooker Pukekohe: Why Pukekohe Is One of the Hottest New Up and Coming Property Markets
August 2021


It's no secret that property buyers (particularly first-time buyers) are flocking to Auckland's outer suburbs, and Pukekohe in particular, for many different plausible reasons. According to Dylan and Renee Turner at LJ Hooker Pukekohe, most buyers are attracted by the suburb's abundant cultural amenities, proximity to the city, and plenty of housing options for fans of lifestyle living.

The area specialists at LJ Hooker local office also state that Pukekohe has a burgeoning variety of housing inventory, not to mention the housing prices are still favourable here. So, whether you're looking for a lifestyle property, terrace house, multi-family complex, commercial real estate, sections, or modern home, this suburb has something for every kind of property buyer.

But what truly makes Pukekohe one of the most sought-after new up-and-coming real estate markets in Auckland and perhaps the rest of the country? Read on to find out why.

Pukekohe at a Glance

Investing in real estate in the Auckland region generally calls for a budget in the neighbourhood of $1m, but there are suburbs in the city's outskirts where properties sell for a lot less than that. One of these most beloved suburbs is Pukekohe, set on the southern fringe of Auckland.

Pukekohe sits in the Territorial Authority of Auckland, where it's the eighth largest residential suburb in the broader region as far as residential real estate stock is concerned. On the same note, homes make up the lion's share (about 96 per cent) of residential real estate stock in the area, most of which were built in the decade from 2000 to 2009.

This small rural town in the former Franklin District is located roughly 53.5km away from the CBD of Auckland City, with a robust transportation network connecting the two areas. As of June 2020, approximately 26,500 people call Pukekohe home, with 68 per cent of the population living in their homes. Around 32 per cent of people in the suburb live in rental properties.

Talking of rental accommodation, Pukekohe's median rent for a standard house sits at around $570 per week, while the median house price is $699,000. Rental investors can expect to get a median yield of 4.24 per cent.

There's no denying that Pukekohe's beautiful landscape is as diverse as its residents. The suburb itself is a vibrant township with a dear heart that's hugely enjoyed by its long-time inhabitants, tourists, and new residents alike.

Why Pukekohe is a Hot Real Estate Market

A Combination of Modern Living with Country Charm

As far as the location goes, Pukekohe is a truly unique gem, offering its residents the best of both worlds —modern living marked by city sophistication with an unbeatable country charm & lifestyle. To most people, this doesn't come as a surprise at all because getting to Auckland's CBD takes only a 40 min's drive, plus there are plenty of other travel alternatives to driving to the city.

Families who love to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life at the end of the day will fall for Pukekohe. Its idyllic countryside feel and vibe provides them with an enabling environment to bring up a healthy and vibrant family. Even so, the town is home to a vast array of family-friendly things to do and see. These include various fine cuisines and dining options via superb restaurants and cafes, horse racing, and motorsport. There's also a great farmers market, sophisticated retail shopping that includes mega stores and boutique-style shops, and much more.

In addition to a wide range of cultural amenities that Pukekohe residents and visitors can enjoy, there's a growing settlement of Pokeno, Tuakau, Waiuku, and Paerata. Their increasing presence creates a beautiful community jam-packed with heritage opportunities and culture. Dylan and Renee Turner, with their team at LJ Hooker Pukekohe, welcome you to come and experience this spectacular suburb for yourself. Calling this unique region home won't disappoint!

Great Place for Families to Grow

Pukekohe may be a new up-and-coming real estate market, but it has already established itself as one of the premier suburbs in Auckland to live, play, and raise a family. This serene small rural town with a city charm provides families with a calm and peaceful place to play, run, walk, and unwind. Its proximate location to central Auckland means that parents can quickly get to and from work so that they can spend a significant amount of quality time with their little ones.

The good-old farming feel and vibe are apparent in the suburb, as the people are more relaxed with a more laid-back attitude here. This makes it easy for new parents in the neighbourhood to strike up friendships and connections they need to thrive as a family.

New arrivals to Pukekohe are usually surprised when they can be friends with all their neighbours within the same week of settling down in the suburb. When you get here, you'll soon be invited to street barbecues and dinners. More than that, your kids will be mates with other children in no time, and they'll be happy and well-settled. It comes down to the free-roaming and laid-back factor of Pukekohe, which is something that every parent can truly appreciate.

Scenic, unique, and inviting, the Pukekohe region isn't short of spectacular schools either. There's a nice mix of private and public intermediate, primary, and high schools in Pukekohe and the vicinity. Pukekohe East Primary School, Pukekohe High School, Pukekohe Hill School, Pukekohe Intermediate School, ACG Strathallan, St Joseph's Catholic School Pukekohe, Pukekohe Christian School, and Valley School Pukekohe.

It doesn't surprise that some of the best colleges in Auckland are also located near the area, including St Ignatius of Loyola Catholic College and Wesley College. And, if your kids are involved in sports or love participating in physical activities, you can't find a better place to live near the city. Whether your children fancy hockey, rugby, football, volleyball, tennis, or any other sport in between, they will be glad to know that top-notch fields are close by.

Let Dylan and Renee Turner's team at LJ Hooker Pukekohe help you find your dream home in the suburb. You'll enjoy bringing up your beautiful family in this vibrant and thriving region right in the heart of South Auckland. Besides, it features an abundance of childcare centres, cafes, playgrounds; you name it – everything you might need to make your family happy is right on your doorstep.

Easy Access: Convenience at its Best

Whether you're a young professional, a family, or a busy entrepreneur, access to everything the region has to offer is easy. Almost everything you need is within half a kilometre instead of at least a 15-minute drive in most other parts of Auckland.

Yes, Pukekohe is more of a country suburb, but all the amenities and facilities in the area are surprisingly closer to your home. For example, the region has many reserves, parks, shopping outlets, dining spots, and lakes with lots of flora & fauna. If your family loves bird-watching, picnic, or duck feeding, it can't get better than this!

Pukekohe is also within travelling distance of fantastic landmarks, attractions, and many other things to experience, such as:

  • Numerous golf courses include Pukekohe Golf Club, Maxwell's Golf Retreat, and Waiuku Golf Club. Also within driving distance are Windross Farm Golf Course, Onewhero Golf Club, Clarks Beach Golf Club, Awhitu Golf Club, Whitford Park Golf Club, and Maramarua Golf Club.
  • Vector Wero Whitewater Park for fantastic whitewater rafting
  • Boutique wineries like Turanga Creek, John Hill Estate, Vin Alto, and Awhitu Wines
  • Superb parks like Tapapakanga Regional Park, Waitawa Regional Park, Duder Regional Park, and Omana Regional Park
  • Fourforty Mountain Bike Park
  • Golden sand beaches like the Maraetai Beach

Affordable Property Prices

Perhaps the be-all and end-all reason Pukekohe is among the top new up-and-coming real estate in Auckland is that properties are more affordable here than in other suburbs. That resonates exceptionally well with first-time buyers that higher central Auckland property prices would have otherwise locked them out of the real estate market.

Whereas the median residential property price in the Auckland region hovers around $1 million, house prices in Pukekohe are still below $700,000, which comes as great news for property buyers trying to look elsewhere as prices are soaring in traditionally cheap places like Port Waikato. According to LJ Hooker Pukekohe's owner Dylan Turner, Pukekohe and other suburbs in the Franklin area still offer great bang for money, especially for first-time homebuyers and investors.

Dylan and Renee also note that Pukekohe has an excellent selection of housing stock, ranging from lifestyle properties to residential properties to few commercial properties. The area is also an investor's magnet because of the availability of sections.

Easy Commute to the City

Pukekohe offers a relatively easy commute to central Auckland, where most residents work, which appeals to professionals and families. With access to major motorways, you can drive, commute by bus, use a taxi, or jump onto a train that runs around 235 times every week.

There you have it - the appeal of Pukekohe as a new up-and-coming real estate market. Whether you're planning to sell, buy, rent, or want your property managed, Dylan and Renee Turner, with their team at LJ Hooker Pukekohe, can help. We would love to be of service to you.